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Hen House is Here!

Posted by Miranda on Oct-2-2010

Our new chicken coop arrived today!  It is so cute that I’m a little jealous of my chickens.  The kids are too.  But I know the chickens will be comfortable in it when we get it all fixed up for them.

The chicken coop needs some work before it’s ready for the hens to come home.  I picked up enough paint yesterday at 50% off.  We need to find a remnant of linoleum to put on the floor to protect the wood from moisture. We also need to fashion some 20″x20″ windows for the two window frames.  And we need to fence in a run.

I found an ad online today that someone has chain link fencing for sale not too far from here.  The price is great.  I just need to find a pick up truck to haul it and some cash to buy it.

Hopefully sometime next week, or at the latest, the week after, we will be able to bring my 10 chickens home to their new roost!

  1. Aunt Doris Said,

    It’s great to have you and your chickens back online

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