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Metro Chickens

Posted by Miranda on Oct-5-2010

I tend to get the same response over and over again when I tell people I have chickens.  ”You have CHICKENS??”  Is there an echo in here?  Yes,I have chickens.  You know, Henny Penny, The Little Red Hen, they say cluck-cluck and lay eggs.  Yes, eggs.  Like you buy in the grocery store.  No, it’s not gross.  All those store eggs come from somewhere, and I can guarantee its from the backside of a chicken just like mine.

It pleases me to see chickens entering the urban arena again.  More and more people are forming backyard barnyards to help with the grocery bill.  A local magazine picked up the story and ran with it.  Here is a link to the article from Bangor Metro.

  1. melissa engeseth Said,

    I there. I stmbled upon your blog while looking for new-to-me feeder ideas. Your blog is incredibly entertaining and full of great info. I look forward to reading more. And as a side note, even though I am currently in the Colorado Rockies, I used to live in Bangor, so Ifind I can relate to a lot you have posted about. Keep up the great blogging!

  2. melissa engeseth Said,

    oops, that greeting was supposed to be “hi there” not “i there…”

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