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Sleep? What’s That?

Posted by Miranda on Aug-7-2009

Ahhh… home at last.  We had a great week at the camp grounds!  The weather was young-master-at-campperfect!  Lots of sun, warm temperatures, and not on rain drop!  I’m tired but can’t quit now.  We run full speed into four kid’s church services in three days!

Willhi and my helpful, Christian neighbor (HCN) checked on my chickens through the week.  Apparently, the chickens drank a lot of water and ate very little food.  When it’s hot like it was this week, it’s normal that they would drink a lot.  It’s also not surprising that they didn’t eat a lot of food, knowing their attitude toward the pellets.

When I went to the coop, all the chickens came little-maiden-dapper-at-camprunning to see me.  Dolly and Faith both made their way onto my lap.  I grabbed up a handful of chicken food for them.   Normally, with the mash, they would nearly tear my hand apart eating up all the food I offered them.  But the blank stare I received in response to my handful of pellets was comical!

I felt a little guilty now that my chicks were looking for a treat and all I had was pellets.  It was like telling the kids I’d bring home a treat for them only to hand them broccoli.  They will eat broccoli but it’s not a treat.

So I went to my kitchen to put together a platter for the chickens.  I found some leftover mashed potatoes, I added some shredded carrots and crumbled corn flakes over the top.

The chicks weren’t sure what to think about the platter when I put it in the run.  But it didn’t take long for the to taste and see that it was good!  

  1. Lynne Said,

    Wow! I have to say, I think the platter you made for your chickens sounds way better than the lunch I just made for myself, a bowl of canned soup!

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